Director of Photography/Camera Operator

Director of Photography/ Camera Opreator (DVX-100)
“The Fibonacci Sequence”
A Feature Film by Director Steven Scott
See reels for trailer.

Camera Operator (DVX-100) “Fred Said”
Speculative documentary by director Mike Wranovics
Currently in production.

Camera Operator for “F.E.A.R. Figure Eight Auto Racing”Produced by Harbinger Productions
Speculative documentary/ reality t.v. pilot.
Directed by Erik Logan. See reels for trailer.

Director of Photography/ Camera
“Ted Seth Jacobs- In His Own image”
Documentary shot in Les Cerqueux, France
About the originator of restructured realism.

Director of Photography/ Camera
“Tony Ryder- light, oils, portrait”
Documentation of a week long painting workshop.In conjunction with The Seattle Academy of Fine Arts

Director of Photography/ Camera
“Gary Faigin- Facial Expressions”
A Documentation of a multi-day lecture series.
In conjunction with The Seattle Academy Of Fine Arts.

Contract Camera Operator for-
HPX productions, Co-active Media,,
The Conciliation Project, P.A.N, Creative Video Productions